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I just read an article that said blogging generates a lot of website traffic, which makes sense because adding words where there are normally just pictures creates more readable content for search engine optimization tools.

So let me start off by saying latex latex latex latex latex latex latex los angeles celebrity printed latex latex latex latex tight shiny glossy latex custom printed latex latex

So here we are, which is awesome because my dream as a kid was to be a published writer & now you're my poor audience :P

If you happen to read this, we did not publicly announce this anywhere else to maintain the modernly lost element of surprise, but we are doing RuPaul's DragCon in LA the weekend of May 25th for our second year in a row. We will be sharing a booth with Manaz by Tony, who is a dear friend & one of our favorite local Los Angeles designers. Expect Camp, Pop Art, Camp, Camp & more Camp. And of course, don't forget, we are the creators of the original inflatable latex wigs as seen on Nikita Dragun, Mother of Draguns. Bitches. And we are the only latex company in THE WORLD to print, design & craft our latex pieces all at once. While other latex vendors buy their prints from outside vendors, we figured out how to do it ourselves. And so, we have the most original & highly customized latex in THE WORLD as seen in our Pop Art Collection, Printed Latex Collection & The Currency Collection. We are The Masters of Printed Latex.


[Sidenote: I personally reached out to Pee Wee Herman (with Pee Wee's Playhouse being one of the biggest inspirations for our Pop Art Collection) via IG proposing a collaboration, especially for DragCon, but unfortunately we are still waiting on his response. If anyone can persuade him in our general direction, we will be forever grateful.

Big Pee Wee

Lil Pee Wee '83 [ Halloween on a shoe string budget ]


We are a truly FULLY OPERATING CUSTOM HOUSE, which means that every single facet of our label is run, created & crafted by us, which leads to insane levels of customization that other latex labels have yet to achieve. 

We will be introducing the newest member to our Bizarre Fetish Couture family at DragCon, although he is no stranger. You will be meeting handsome, young & incredibly good with his hands Mars Prototype. At an operational level, I figured the best place to find Venus's level of expertise in design was to search the same genetic pool. Science.

We are taking our supreme printing techniques up 1000x notches, so expect more colors, more textures, more graphics, more sexy for summer.

We also got into pouring latex, as seen in our Glitter & Marble Collections & much more of that coming soon!!! 

We are a limited edition space where fetish + fashion + streetwear + pop culture converge like no other. Bizarre Fetish Couture aka The Masters of Printed Latex.


We are introducing new WEEKLY DISCOUNTS, which will be featured on our site & instagram @xvenusprototypex


Stay Tuned, 

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