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Wet (water safe) Latex


Completely water-friendly latex lingerie & bathing suits. Completely water safe for swimming,... 


  • Shipping Instructions

    All items are crafted by hand out of 100% latex in Los Angeles.

    All items are custom & made to order, which means that we make your custom item upon receiving your order. Items are NOT pre-stocked.

    Shipping times do vary depending on the specific garment ordered & our current order que. Most printed & non-printed dresses, bodysuits & 2 pieces ship in 2 weeks. For more complex pieces including multiple garments, costumes, inflatable pieces, hand pours & cosplay/Halloween looks, please allow for longer crafting lead times.

    Due to high demand, we added the "SHIP IN 7 DAYS for $200" expedited ordering feature to our website. This means that your order will ship in 7 business days. It does not mean that you are guaranteed to receive your item in 7 days. The faster the shipping method you choose, the faster you will receive your package. 

    Please enter your shipping address correctly and without any shorthand or slang, especially for international orders. 

    If you reside in an apartment, enter your street address in the first line and your apt number in the second line. DO NOT PUT YOUR APT # BEFORE YOUR STREET ADDRESS BC IT WILL GET RETURNED TO SENDER!!! AND YOU WILL HAVE TO PURCHASE A CORRECT ADDITIONAL LABEL. sends tracking upon shipping. Please keep track of your packages once they are dispatched, as we are not responsible for undeliverable, lost or stolen packages. 

    Our custom pieces, crafted from high quality imported latex, ship best in boxes. Boxes provide the durability required for shipping quality latex. 

  • Polish Your Latex

    Latex is made to be polished. Not only does polish protect latex from sun damage, but the polish is what gives the latex that beautiful shine we all love so much. Our latex DOES NOT come pre-polished. (It comes powdered to protect the print). You can purchase "polish latex garment" for $7.50 at check out. You can also purchase a 2 ounce bottle of latex polish at checkout for $15. We are not responsible for damaged latex due to lack of polish. We will not re-post your photo if your latex is not polished. Please be mindful that we are here to shine !!! If you do not purchase "polish latex garment" or travel latex polish, please don't expect your garment to be shiny. 

  • Return Policy & Disclaimer

    Due to our latex being 100% custom, made to order: All Sales Are Final. We are not responsible to fix your damaged latex due to lack of latex care. We include our very meticulous & clear latex care instructions in every shipment. It is very important that customers read and follow these latex care instructions. We are not responsible for replacing latex that gets damaged due to lack of reading & adhering to our latex care instructions. 


    Keep your latex, especially your printed latex, powdered or lubed with silicone based polish only at all times to protect the print and latex !!! 

    Avoid any type of friction while wearing latex, especially printed latex. For example, don't sit on a concrete street or lean against a brick wall. The friction can cause holes & unnecessary wear.

    We powder our latex during shipping to protect the prints. Please wipe all powder off with a warm wet cloth before applying silicone based lube only.

    Lube yourself with silicone based lubricant before putting on your latex. Latex is made from rubber, so just like putting on a condom, you have to glide your latex on with lube. Put some lube on both your skin AND the latex for maximum glide and snug fit.

    Wash your latex off after use with generous amounts of luke warm water & dish soap, preferably in a shower/tub situation. Make sure your latex dries completely and isn’t wet on the inside, as the moisture will cause the latex to stick to itself. Make sure to dry completely, as the latex will be spotty if not completely dry. Dry with a fan when possible. 

    If latex remains wet, it will mold. Once it molds, it does not unmold. Do not wrinkle your latex. Once it wrinkles, it does not unwrinkle. Do not shove wet latex in a plastic bag. It will mold. Do not shove latex in a plastic bag. It will wrinkle and will not unwrinkle. Once latex is completely dry, hang on a hanger in a dark closet out of the sun. 

    Sunlight destroys latex. Keep out of the sun and store in a cool, dry place.

    Dark latex stains light latex, especially white latex. Keep them away from each other.

    Metals stain latex. Keep them away.

    Alcohol based liquids deteriorate latex, especially printed latex. Keep away from perfumes, nail polish remover & room sprays; essentially ANYTHING alcohol based.

    Keep prints and hand painting details powdered or lubed, as it will stick to itself when dry.